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ISL Notables - 16/02/2015

An increasing number of ISL alumni have stepped up to senior leadership positions. Could you be next? Follow the link to figure out which 2015 programme is right for you -

Welcome Kathy Ready - 13/10/2014

Kathy Ready has taken the step up to help co-ordinate Team Dynamic Profiling, manage DASHBOARD logisitcs, and will also be in charge of Customer Relations Management. We are thrilled to have Kathy on-board and look forward to expansion in the new year with TDP workshops more popular than ever. This further cements ISL's advancement in SmartLeaderApps and an increasing online presence with clients.

Election congratulations - 02/10/2014

Barbara Kuriger (SLP and MBA alumnus) won the Taranaki King Country seat in Saturday's election.

Barbara joins Hon Bill English (SLP alumnus), the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, on the National Party benches in Parliament.

Congratulations to Barbara and Bill on their personal achievements and the overwhelming success of the National Party (winning 48% of the vote).

It is our hope that these two ISL graduates will lead strategically, firing up the economic engine of our country by enabling export focused SMEs to reach out internationally.

We are pleased to know that there are now at least two ISL Strategic Leaders at the helm of our country and we hope the number increases over the years ahead.

Congratulations Susan Middleditch - 28/08/2014

Congratulations to Susan Middleditch, Deputy Director General, Queensland Health, on being awarded a scholarship to attend a course at Harvard, by the Australian Harvard Alumni Association.

Susan has already attended the Strategic Leadership Programme, and the ISL | MBA. We always say that: If You've Attended Harvard, You May Be Ready For Millbrook". Susan is taking these steps, albeit in reverse order. It's a great achievement and endorsement, and I am sure that Susan will relish her time learning with other inspiring leaders at this world class institution.

Masterclass August 2014 - 30/07/2014

Download the brochure for the upcoming ISL Masterclass.

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