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Congratulations Susan Middleditch - 28/08/2014

Congratulations to Susan Middleditch, Deputy Director General, Queensland Health, on being awarded a scholarship to attend a course at Harvard, by the Australian Harvard Alumni Association.

Susan has already attended the Strategic Leadership Programme, and the ISL | MBA. We always say that: If You've Attended Harvard, You May Be Ready For Millbrook". Susan is taking these steps, albeit in reverse order. It's a great achievement and endorsement, and I am sure that Susan will relish her time learning with other inspiring leaders at this world class institution.

Masterclass August 2014 - 30/07/2014

Download the brochure for the upcoming ISL Masterclass.

In the Flow - 02/07/2014

If you are doing a job that is just 'ok' - push your 'restart button' or find a new one. One that aligns with your natural talents and feels like a hobby. One that doesn't seem like work at all.

The reality is that if you are not really passionate about your job, your colleagues and staff won't be either. The best leaders are 'battery chargers'. They send out positive WiFi signals, connect with others and fully engage those they work alongside.

In most situations it's about taking time out to refresh and reflect - but for some, it may be time to find a role that comes naturally. A role that enables you to play to your strengths.

If this rings a bell - here's an invitation to measure your Mojo and ask yourself if you have the passion required to engage those who look to you for leadership.

"Flow is the mental of operation in which a person is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. In essence, flow is characterized by complete absorption in what one does." Wikipedia

P.S. What's on the ISL radar?

CE CLASS: to share and learn with/from other CEOS: 31 July and 1st August
Strategic Leadership Programme to build leadership capabilities and EQ: 3 - 9 August
ISL | MBA: to build business savvy skills (3 modules - Aug, Sept, Oct)

Congratulations Darryl Bishop - 30/06/2014

The Institute for Strategic Leadership would like to congratulate Darryl Bishop, a graduate of the Leadership Programme (LP 25), on his step up to position of Chief Executive at Connect: Supporting Recovery. We are certain he will flourish in this role and be a great role model.

Congratulations Darryl!

The Prentice Run - 05/06/2014

If you attended the Institute's SLP or LP five years or more ago, you may have had the pleasure of working with Colin Prentice, our former leadership coach and ISL Alumnus (SLP 2, 2002).

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