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Recently I met with one of our alumni, the former Chief of Air Force (CAF) who was subsequently the Defence Attache in Washington. During our meeting I commented on the top brass from the US Military, reflecting on my experience facilitating the first International Conference for the highest ranking Warrant Officers. The observation I shared - "despite being dressed in 'civvies', it was obvious who was the most powerful energy force in the conference room. The Warrant Officer from the US emitted extremely strong personal 'WiFi' signals and you could feel his presence from a distance."

The former CAF related to my observations noting that the US Generals are the same: "Those guys are BUILT", he said. "They are developed mentally, intellectually and physically over many years and notwithstanding their friendly and humble demeanour, you can feel and sense their energy and power from the far end of the corridor", he quipped.

Reflecting on this discussion drew my attention to the reality that:

"the greatest achievement you can make is the building of authentic leaders as your legacy to future generation(s)."

This simple fact is consistent with the ISL quote:

"The most insightful measure of a strategic leaders is the calibre of the next generation of leaders that follow in his /her footsteps and develop under his/her watchful eye. A truly strategic leader may be measures by the calibre of his/her proteges."

We at ISL have had the privilege and honour to support over 2,500 strategic leaders from commerce, government and NGOs 'take the step | up' . We hope that you will follow in our footsteps, building leaders* and leaving a legacy for the next generation(s).

It's normal to focus attention on our own leadership development, but what's extraordinary is to leverage our gifts and build a Mexican Wave of leadership development. What contribution are you making in this regard?

* Arguably, the biggest impact is on 13/14 year-olds who are at the beginning of their leadership development curve.

Dr. Geoff Lorigan
Director, Institute for Strategic Leadership

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