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Smart Leader Apps

ISL is actively developing a suite of online leadership tools that provide information aimed at supporting the development of highly effective leadership.


A Personal Leadership tool that tracks how leaders are seen by their important stakeholders and provides a Leadership Academy section to support them improve their leadership skills and knowledge so as to lift all their performance gauges into the optimal range and fully engage their staff.


An interpersonal leadership tool based on Jungian typology that enables leaders to understand and relate well with ‘boss’, colleagues and staff.


A team leadership tool that provides in-depth analyses (individually and collectively) of all members of a team under the following classifications: Executive Profiles, Team Roles, Team Charter, Team Compatibility, and Team 360°. Based on MBTI ™ and FIRO-B ™, the TDP drives an extensive database of information and incorporates over 11,000 permutations of data points.

The benefit of the SmartLeaderApps suite of tools is that they are all highly integrated. The questions in one instrument provides the antecedents (drivers) for the next. This means that if a leader has an excellent Mojo-Meter score, it follows that they are on the way to getting an impressive Personal 063° score. And if their Personal 063° and Team 360° is in the highly effective zone, they are on the way to getting high Staff Engagement scores. Given that engaged staff tend to create engaged customers by osmosis, the chances are the leader will build a delighted customer base, and as a consequence, revenues and profits will soar resulting in a high Organisation Brand Index (branding the organisation as a Great Place to Work).

“ISL adopts a ‘performance focused’, and ‘evidence based’ approach to leadership at personal, team, strategic and enterprise levels, using an integrated set of leadership tools, supported and interpreted by a team of highly capable and experienced ISL coaches. This is a much more effective than the traditional approach of choosing a mix of instruments from different suppliers that are not integrated and unable to provide any evidence of success at an organisation-wide level.”

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