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The Institute for Strategic Leadership prefers to establish a dialogue with the CEO of client organizations to enable a needs analysis to be made. We then work with our client to design a tailored solution.

The ultimate aim is to determine how best to design and deliver a leadership solution that aligns with the strategic agenda of the client organization and addresses how to become a high performance organization with sustainable competitive advantage and high value-creation for all major stakeholders.

Once the needs analysis has been completed and a leadership development plan agreed upon, ISL will then work with business unit managers and HR managers to implement the plan.

This is likely to involve a mix of open programmes and corporate in-house programmes to develop teamwork, team leadership skills, and to implement effective change-management initiatives. In some cases there may be value in crafting programmes that integrate the leadership development of the client with its alliance partners, suppliers, or customers. This may be particularly valuable for professional firms and banks that identify the benefits of building closer relationships with their important clients and being seen to provide added value to them.

ISL has a team of experienced facilitators who can deliver workshops tailored to suit the development needs of clients. These include:

ISL has developed an evidenced-based Success Model and process for developing high performance senior leadership teams. The process involves three stages (3 half day workshops):


Half day workshop - profiling each team member to identify: personality, individual’s preferences, and how to relate to each other. Also how the team works together (interpersonally and collectively). Highlights ‘compatibility’, pressure spots, and team dynamics. The aim is to build trust and provide team members with an online tool that enables each executive to tailor their communications and leadership style to suit the preferences of other team members.


Half day workshop - developing a Team Charter (setting out expected attitudes and behaviours and rules of engagement). Also includes a Team 360° instrument measuring the team against the ISL Team Performance Framework (see next section: PROFILERS). and a session interpreting the results.


Half day workshop - clarifying the Team’s Mission and setting Team Goals. This package involves team performance coaching aimed at acheiving KPIs set by the team.

The Success Model (‘S CURVE’) is set out below.

Contact one of the following to discuss your needs and obtain a proposal for a tailored solution:

- Dom Williams on + 64 27 474 9958 (NZ)
- Gareth Lorigan on +61 7 3121 3041 (Australia)

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