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ISL Leader Forum and Pulse

What is the ISL Leader Forum?

The ISL Leader Forum is a community created by ISL to discuss the tsunami of changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and leadership tactics to thrive during this time.


Each week, leading business journalist and commentator, Andrew Patterson will interview a panel of senior leaders facing similar challenges to you in order to share their experiences and learnings.


To gain insights into the state of our current leadership we also developed the ISL Leader Pulse. A weekly survey that provides key insights into the current mojo, productivity, and engagement of our senior leaders.

Upcoming Leader Forum

Join us live on Wednesday, April 29 2020, at 11 AM (NZT) / 
9 AM (AEST) 

After 5 weeks in national lockdown in New Zealand our leaders are having to adjust to the ‘new normal’ under level 3. We will hear from two private sector leaders how they are leading through this transition.

This LEADER FORUM will feature the unique perspective and challenges of leaders from the hospitality and construction sector in New Zealand. 


Our panelists for this week will be:


  • Fleur Caulton, Co-Founder – Go To Collection 
  • Rick Herd, CEO – Naylor Love Construction
  • Gareth Lorigan, Programmes Director (ISL)

Previous Panelists

Geoff Lorigan


Jon Wadsworth


Jacqui Weatherill


Marty Grenfell


Steve Killeen


Raveen Jaduram


Susan Middleditch


Andrew Coster


Mark Rushworth


Mike Taylor


ISL Leader Pulse

In the current crisis it is crucial to keep a finger on the pulse of our community and private sector leaders. Therefore, in each forum ISL will also publish the results of a weekly ISL LEADER PULSE – a survey providing key insights on the ‘mojo’, productivity and leadership effectiveness of senior leaders in New Zealand, Australia and beyond.


Download the key findings from the first ISL LEADER PULSE below.


The ISL LEADER PULSE is powered by MyTeamPulse. To check out MyTeamPulse and to unlock your team’s potential.

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Watch or Listen to our previous ISL Leadership Forums

LEADER FORUM 4 – April 22nd 2020

What was discussed:

  • How did you manage the paradigm shift from Business as Usual (BAU) to Leadership in Crisis (LIC)?
  • What impact has the crisis had on you personally as a leader?
  • What role has local government had in response to the crisis and where have you seen the need for leadership?
  • Q&A Session with Audience questions

LEADER FORUM 3 – April 15th 2020

What was discussed:

  • How did you manage the paradigm shift from Business as Usual (BAU) to Leadership in Crisis (LIC)?
  • How do you respond to crisis with innovation?
  • What aspects of your structure had to change as a result of this new operating environement?
  • How do you manage to stay in touch with your team remotely?
  • How did you adapt your business plans you’ve set up prior to the crisis?

LEADER FORUM 2 – April 8th 2020

What was discussed:

  • How have you shifted from BAU to LIC?
  • How do you address priorities and taking care of yourself?
  • How are you managing the resilience of your teams?
  • How do you show appreciation to your teams?
  • What are the leadership challenges and opportunities to taking a whole of government approach?

LEADER FORUM 1 – April 1st 2020

What was discussed:

  • How has your leadership style changed as a result of the current crisis?
  • What have been your immediate priorities?
  • How do you balance the focus on people with business demands?
  • How will you monitor and maintain team engagement and productivity

Interviewer - Andrew Patterson

Andrew has previously worked in media roles covering business and entrepreneurship both in New Zealand for the National Business Review and also Mediaworks as well as in Australia with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s continuous news network, ABC NewsRadio. He is currently a contributor to the online platform Newsroom covering business and management. During the course of his media career Andrew has travelled to 55 countries and interviewed more than 1,000 business leaders and other high profile guests including authors Malcolm Gladwell and Simon Sinek, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, New York Times columnist and author Thomas Friedman and renowned economic historian Niall Ferguson.