ISL Alumni Insights

Our alumni share their learnings and journeys

Sir Jerry Mateparae shares his leadership insights from 46 years in leadership roles

Watch the best 10-minute leadership blueprint you will listen to this year, with Sir Jerry covering the characteristics of a good leader, trust, clarity of vision and a plan through to the importance of knowing and being true to your values.

Professor Sandra Harding’s ISL leadership journey

Watch this video to uncover how Professor Sandra Harding came to ISL at a crucial point in her career as she was transitioning into her role as Vice-Chancellor and to find out what this meant for her.

Hamish Matheson discusses how to identify and grow leadership in others

Watch Hamish Matheson reflect on his learnings and the significant impact ISL has had, including being able to see and grow leadership capability in others.

Susan Middleditch shares the value that ISL has added to her leadership journey

Watch Susan Middleditch, the current Deputy Secretary for Corporate and Regulatory Services at Victoria Police, share her ISL story, specifically how she regained her confidence and learned to better connect with her team.

Cath Handley shares her key takeaways from the ISL Strategic Leadership Programme

Watch this video of Cath Handley, one of our first alumni, as she outlines her engagement with ISL, her key takeaways from her experience and what advice she has for future leaders.

Ed Sims shares his leadership insights and lessons from his distinguished career

Watch to hear about Ed's journey from manager to leader, the importance of being the real you, the power of having 'range' and lessons in leadership.

Alumnus Gary Rohloff tells us about his journey with ISL

Watch this video to hear about how ISL changed Gary's life by forcing him to slow down and reflect on the person he was while providing the tools he needed to fulfil his potential.

Raveen Jaduram, former Chief Executive of Watercare and now Professional Director of various companies, shares his experiences with ISL

Watch this video to hear about how Raveen’s learnings and self-reflection throughout the Strategic Leadership Programme resulted in him leaving Millbrook as a changed individual.

ISL welcomes Christine Leighton, Rector at St Andrew's College

Watch this video to hear about Christine Leighton, how challenging times in leadership can develop into some of the most significant learning opportunities, and the importance of ‘leading self’.

ISL welcomes alumni Mark Powell, former Group CEO of The Warehouse Group

Watch this video about Mark Powell sharing his passion for learning and personal development, and reminding us that we should be wary of making any assumptions in the workplace.

Gallagher CEO Kahl Betham shares his Strategic Leadership Programme experience

Watch this video about Kahl Betham, who explains why understanding yourself, team dynamics and the ability to build a team are critical success factors in leadership.

ISL introduces Amanda Woolridge, our leadership coach

Watch this video to find out more about the future of leadership and why Amanda Woolridge focuses her coaching on leaders.

Purpose is the key to everything

Watch this video of Geoff Lorigan, our founder, to understand how the ISL group supports leadership organisation-wide and the importance of purpose in the workplace.