Stephen Langton

Founding & Managing Partner at LangtonHudsonButcher

Stephen is the founding and managing partner of LangtonHudsonButcher, Lawyers. Rated by independent legal directories as one of the leading employment lawyers in New Zealand, Stephen acts as a trusted advisor to clients on a wide range of employment law and industrial relations issues. He subscribes to the view that "employment law is, more often than not, urgent and important for a client's business, or their livelihood; they need to be able to access high level, expert legal but commercial and practical advice, in a timely fashion and with a correspondingly high level of service".
Stephen is the Auckland Representative on the New Zealand Law Society's Employment Law Committee, a member of the Ministry of Justice Legal Aid Provider Selection Committee and a regular contributor to various publications and conferences.

Prior to founding LangtonHudsonButcher, Stephen was a partner at Kiely Thompson Caisley

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