Online evidence-based team pulse, virtual coaching and executive coaching to navigate the COVID-19 challenges.

Supporting Leaders and Teams Online

How ISL Can Help

The world has changed. Over the month(s) going forward many executives will be working from home, travel will not be possible, and teams will operate in a virtual video conferencing mode. This is a huge change and all of us will need to adapt to this new way of operating.


There is huge potential for people in leadership teams to feel lost, demotivated and unproductive. Recognising this reality, ISL has been working hard and fast to adapt their leader and team support processes. The team feedback mechanism has been activated so leaders “know what they don’t know”. ISL can also provide team coaching support in order to provide energy and motivation to your team.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your team’s engagement, mojo, productivity and much more.

Make good decisions and get the support you need through coaching with one of our highly experienced ISL coaches.

Our experienced executive coaches are available to provide a ‘sounding board’ to unpack and process complexity during COVID-19.

Contact John Wadsworth for more information on how ISL can support your team!

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MyTeamPulse and Team Coaching

ISL uses MyTeamPulse, an anonymous team survey, as an evidence base for team leaders to keep their finger-on-the-pulse of their team’s engagement, mojo, productivity, effectiveness and much more.

An essential tool for keeping a frequent eye on your team, whether it’s at the office or, particularly now, as a virtual team.
Combined with virtual team coaching from our team of highly experienced ISL coaches, team leaders who improve the energy and connectedness of their team members, ensure staff safety and wellbeing, and amplify productivity.
Now, more than ever before, is a time to build trust, align and unify a leadership team that makes and implements good decisions under pressure.

Executive Coaching

Our continuous One-on-one Executive Coaching provides you with an opportunity to talk things over with an experienced, trusted and independent ISL Leadership Coach.

You can use these coaching sessions in any way you need support, including:
  • How to make sense of the dynamics in your leadership team and how to respond
  • Emit positive energy and optimism by maintaining your mojo
  • Provide certainty, structure and direction to your organisation
  • Role model the behaviours you expect of others
  • Take the opportunity to innovate  
  • Make decisions that balance ‘the now’ with the need to emerge with strength

Support for Strategic Leaders

Leaders are under pressure, having to make tough decisions… fast. All eyes are watching. Leader mojo has never been more important.
Our experienced executive coaches are available to provide a 50 minute ‘sounding board’ to unpack and process complexity during COVID-19.

This Service is available at a fee of $175,-.

Meet our experienced, trusted, independent ISL Leadership Coaches.

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