ISL is excited to introduce the Team Player Course. A scalable and cost-effective individual and team development solution to develop, engage and retain your people. 

A blended team development solution

Engage and retain your top talent

Boost employee satisfaction and retention rates by fostering a positive work environment through the cultivation of healthy and engaging team dynamics and relationships.

Build robust and high performing teams

Empower your people to establish trust and drive high-performance outcomes for a successful organisation with robust and high-performing teams that can achieve their goals efficiently and effectively.

High quality blended development

The Team Player Course has been expertly crafted by our world-class, research-driven coaches. It features a unique blend of online and in-person learning methods specially tailored to suit the needs of dynamic workplaces.

Enhance your organisation's success

Our innovative Team Player Course was created as a cost-effective, scalable, and team-owned professional development solution tailored to suit all roles across your organisation.

Value created for

The team player course will help team leaders to:

Deepen trust with their teams

Grow their leadership skills

Develop team facilitation skills

Get to know the people they lead below the surface

Team Leaders

The team player course offers a personal & professional development opportunity for team members to build:

A better sense of self-awareness

A SMART development action plan

An understanding on how to check and maintain resilience and MOJO

Clarity on team player responsibilities

Team Players

The team player course will help the team build:

A platform for trust

Positive team dynamics



Clarity of purpose and how it relates to each team member


The team player course will help build:

A shared language from the senior leadership level to the front line

Build trust and confidence in leaders from the top team to the front line

Healthy and resilient team dynamics

Increased engagement, retention, MOJO and productivity throughout the organisation


5 Engaging modules

Delivered online and debriefed as a team

Make the change in your organisation today!

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Participants feedback


Greater interpersonal awareness


Greater self-awareness


Would recommend

I learned a lot about myself and moreso about how to interact with others and how others might interact with me

Miroslav Dordevich
Course Partcipant

The insights I gained from the course did not just help me become a more effective team player, but understand my team on a deeper level.

Tania Samarasinghe
Course Participant


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