Team Player Course

Equip Team Members across your organisation to become more self-aware, resilient & effective team players.

The Team Player Course has been developed to offer a cost-effective, scalable and team leader owned professional development solution to your organisation. Across 5 engaging modules delivered online, the course will equip team members to increase their levels self-awareness, resilience, interpersonal awareness and team player qualities.

Investing in your most valuable asset - your people - shows them that you value and believe in them. Ensuring they feel engaged and positive about their future. Equipping them with what they need to be effective team players will turn that potential into reality.

If your organisation wants to build a resilient and engaging culture that retains and attracts talent, you will need to not just develop great leaders, but also great followers – the result will be an empowered work force that delivers results.

5 Engaging Modules

Delivered online & debriefed as a team

Learning Outcomes:

Understanding Personality

Understand your personality including your strengths, blind spots and stressors

Unconscious Mind

Deepen your self-awareness by understanding your values, beliefs and life-events that shaped you and by discovering different team roles.

Mojo Concept

Learn how to maintain a balanced lifestyle with a high level of energy, bandwidth and resilience

Team Player Qualities

Understand your team player qualities and the importance of a team charter.

Co-creating an Empowering

Your responsibility towards co-creating an empowering workplace for yourself and others

Participants Feedback


Greater Interpersonal Awareness


Greater Self-Awareness


Would Recommend

Delivered by Experienced Team Development Coaches

Gareth Lorigan
Amanda Woolridge
Heidi Parlane
Jason Hewett
Nick Sheppard


Value to Team Players

The team player course will help team members build:

A better sense of self-awareness

A SMART development action plan

An understanding on how to check and maintain resilience and MOJO

Clarity on team player responsibilities

Value to the Team Leaders

The team player course will help leaders to:

Deepen trust with their teams

Grow their leadership skills

Develop team facilitation skills

Get to know the people they lead below the surface

Value to the Team

The team player course will help the team build:

A platform for trust

Positive team dynamics



Clarity of purpose and how it relates to each team member

Value to the Organisation

The team player course will help build:

A shared language from the senior leadership level to the front line

Build trust and confidence in leaders from the top team to the front line

Healthy and resilient team dynamics

Increased engagement, retention, MOJO and productivity throughout the organisation