Leadership is Personal Chris Nassenstein (SLP 24), shared his experience of Millbrook, the impact and insights it gave him and what he is up to now. Chris has kindly given me permission to share his story…   “I have very good memories of that week, not only the individual courses and certainly

Three sure ways to loose your best talent

One of our former talented interns from the UK was snapped up by a global consulting firm four years ago. To my surprise, during our lunchtime catch-up here in London today, she hinted that she was looking for new pastures. At the end of lunch I asked why was she

Tips for CEOs from Peter Burling & Emirates Team NZ

As I reflect on the Kiwi success with the Americas Cup earlier this week, I couldn’t help but think about the lessons that can be drawn from Emirates Team New Zealand, Peter Burling, and his team(s) involved in bringing about a triumphant win for New Zealand. Lessons applicable and transferable

Chicken soup for the soul …

Neuropsychology is one of the growing areas of interest in leadership. In simple terms, it focuses on the relationship between brain function and behaviour. 8820

The $9,000 Lunch …

Back in 1990, at a time when I was young, ambitious and living in London, I embarked upon a new start-up adventure with Gunther, a very successful German businessman. I initially met Gunther at an international congress and he took a shine to me because I challenged his views and

Driving High Performance Outcomes

Last week our Director, Geoff Lorigan mailed another one of his reflective missives. A short personal leadership story that had meaning and relevance for many people – a number of whom reached out and requested a copy of the ‘The Economic Engine Framework’ that Geoff presented to Jim Slater, the

Impact of CEO ‘presence’ on Staff Engagement

One of the great things about my job is that I get to meet very interesting people and benefit from listening to their views.  Yesterday I met with a prominent, seasoned Group CEO who is responsible for a large group of companies based here in Sydney. 8818

The First 100 Days

  What do you need to do, and what are your priorities during the First 100 Days in your new strategic-level position? 7004

Executive Leadership TEAMS that fly high …

The days of the autocratic ‘John Wayne’ leader are on the wane. The business environment has become too complex, uncertain, ambiguous and dynamic for ‘One Great Man’ – however great – to navigate alone. In the post-2008 era, the Chief Executive needs to build and lead an Executive Leadership Team

Take the Step Up

Not everyone who is promoted to a managerial role is an effective leader. Leadership requires an ability to think and act strategically, says Dr Geoff Lorigan. “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language,