Strategic Leadership Programme

For CEO’s and Senior Executives seeking to become the role model leader you want to be and people are inspired by.

The Strategic Leadership Programme (SLP) focuses on developing your most important leadership asset – you. Through an immersive, experiential 7-day leadership programme, you will gain insights into the leader you are and develop into the role model leader you want to be.

For some, the Strategic Leadership Programme is life-changing. For others, transformational. For all, the programme develops an awareness and understanding that grows a deep sense of confidence.

It is not often you get to spend a week focused on you. Your experience will be your own. All you have to do is come.

By attending this programme you will;

Lead Self

Understand your own innate leadership strengths, blind-spots and working style preferences.

Gain insight into your leadership through the lens of others – the person you report to, colleagues and feedback from your peers on the programme.

Discover the importance of lifestyle on your leadership energy and resilience.

Develop confidence in who you are as a leader and set clear goals that will grow you as a role model leader in your workplace.

Establish a close network of peers from a range of organisations, roles and sectors.

Lead Teams

Understand the strengths, blind-spots and working style preferences of others in order to connect, communicate, engage and influence more effectively.

Experience the development and impact of a high-performing team.

Understand the role of feedback in team development, performance and trust.

Understand how to empower others through structured learning conversations.

Understand the key elements of a high-performing team and how the team you lead is performing.

Lead Organisations

Apply an international award-winning strategy case process to a live case study.

Develop competencies of strategic influence and impact.

Understand the importance and impact of the team you lead on organisational culture, staff engagement and organisational outcomes.

Who is it for?

CEOs and senior executives who attend the Strategic Leadership Programme are often;

  • A new CEO or an experienced CEO seeking to refresh their leadership.
  • A succession plan for a CEO or senior executive role.
  • A senior executive with strong technical skills (CFO, CIO, COO) whose success requires the need to engage and empower their teams and peers.
  • HR Executives seeking to develop their own leadership and gain insight into leadership development for their organisation.
  • Leaders demonstrating behaviours that indicate high IQ but low awareness of their impact on others.
  • Those leading outside their area of direct expertise.
  • From organisations seeking to develop a strong, unified & effective leadership brand for their senior executive team.

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Programme Details

Programme Length

7 Days


New Zealand
Millbrook Resort, Queenstown

Crystalbrook Byron, Byron Bay

Class Size

15 – 25 Participants

ISL Team

  • 1 x Programme Director
  • 3 – 5 x Executive Coaches
  • 3 – 5 x Executive Health and Resilience Coaches

Programme Dates 2023/24

  • SLP 78: 10 - 16 Mar 2024 - Queenstown, NZ
  • ASLP 3: 5 - 11 May 2024 - Byron Bay, AUS
  • SLP 79: 9 - 15 Jun 2024 - Queenstown, NZ
  • SLP 80:1 - 7 Sep 2024 - Queenstown, NZ
  • ASLP 4: 13 - 19 Oct 2024 - Byron Bay, AUS
  • SLP 81: 3 - 9 Nov 2024 - Queenstown, NZ


  • Programme Fees: $21,890 (NZD & AUD)
  • Meals & Accommodation: $3,050 (NZD) Millbrook
    $3,260 (AUD) Crystalbrook Byron
  • Post-Programme Coaching: $3,500 (AUD & NZD) for 6 x Monthly sessions

*All prices exclude local GST.

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Ready to become a role model leader for your organisation?