For Senior Leaders seeking to step up their leadership and accelerate their careers

Programme Overview

​Leaders are made

A unique residential leader development program designed to equip senior leaders with the essential tools to realise your leadership potential.

Developed for

Senior Leaders


$11,770 + Accommodation & Meals


Face-to-Face, Immersive & Personalised

Programme Length

6 Days

Group Size

15 - 25 Participants (1:5 Coach to Participant Ratio)

Who Should Apply

Become the leader you aspire to be

Senior Leaders attending our Leadership Step-Up Programme are often:​

  • ​Emerging high-potential senior leaders, eager to accelerate their growth.​
  • Senior leaders navigating the shift from technical expert to leading others​.
  • Leaders identified as a succession plan for senior executive roles.​
  • Senior Technical Specialists, including positions like Project Manager or Senior Advisor​.
  • Policy/Advisory leaders, seeking to engage and influence across the organisation.

Explore your leadership role and aspirations

Connect with our team to explore if our programme is the right fit for your development goals.

Realise Your Leadership Potential

Join our community of respected organisations that have chosen ISL’s programmes for senior leadership training and development.

Learning Outcomes

Enhance your leadership potential​

Understand and have confidence in who you are as a leader.

Enhance your leadership brand.

Accelerate your career​.

Cultivate high-performing teams

Understand how to get the most out of others.

Drive positive outcomes through effective team leadership.

Build resilient teams that sustains energy and performance

Think and act strategically

Demonstrate whole-of-organisation thinking

Understand how to lead change effectively.

Influence strategy by leading up, across, and down in your organisation.

For detailed programme content, download our programme brochure.​

Impact Of Our Programme

Get equipped to be the leader you aspire to be.


Average rating for how beneficial the programme was to participants.


Average rating for increased confidence as a leader.


Would recommend the programme.


Average rating for finding learnings applicable in their immediate role.

What Our Participants Say

Programme Details

We carefully select our program partner venues to provide a reflective and comfortable learning environment that enables growth and development.

Upcoming Programmes

LP 78 - Hilton, Queenstown (Programme full, now waitlisting)

18 - 23 August 2024

$11,770 + $1,914

LP 79 - Hilton, Queenstown

15 - 20 September 2024

$11,770 + $1,914

LP 80 - Hilton, Queenstown

17 - 22 November 2024

$11,770 + $1,914

LP 81 - Hilton, Queenstown

23 - 28 March 2025

$11,770 + $1,914

Programme Length: 6 Days, Programme Size: 15 - 25 Participants (1:5 Coach to Participant Ratio)

Optional Coaching Package

If you would like to deepen and extend the impact of your programme experience, we provide an additional coaching package of 6 sessions for $2,640*.​

Prices are in NZD, excluding GST.​

Hear from ISL’s Leadership Step-Up Programme Alumni

Our Leadership Step-Up Programme Alumni consistently share the same feedback: their journey with us has significantly enriched their leadership capabilities and professional progression, and they are grateful for this transformational experience.​ Watch the video below to hear about Shanelle's experience.

We also invite you to connect with a leader who has gone through the ISL Leadership Step-Up Programme. Ask them about how the programme transformed their career.

Your ISL Coaches

Elevating, Challenging and Shaping Leaders.

The ISL coaching team champions leaders’ growth, challenging and enhancing senior leadership potential with real-world expertise. 

Have any questions?

The ISL team are here to help.


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